View Full Version : Setting changed web testing server configurations?

05-07-2005, 11:30 PM
Hey guys,

Okay, this is driving me nuts! I have a number of PHP sites that I've created in Dreamweaver that I test locally using the software. I'm running Mac OS 10.3.8. I have testing server of ('') etc etc.....

I'm running a bit low on hard drive space on my internal drive so I've purchased in larger external Lacie drive to store any additional information. I then made a copy of my "sites" folder and placed it on the new drive called "drive_a".

My problem is this:
How do I modify my site settings so that it will test the pages locally using the moved site folder as everything is configured for it to run from the internal drive? I tried modifying the url prefix but got completely lost with that. I then read that to test these files on an Apache testing server, I have to nominate a folder via the httpd.conf file. How do I do that?

I guess the main question I'm asking is can the above actually be done? And if so, how?

Many thanks,