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05-06-2005, 01:45 PM
I am by no means a web guy, but I have to design a website for my wife's busines. I am having problems getting the inner layers like the photos and text boxes with colored backgrounds to stay aligned with the rest of the site when I change browser window size. This is very noticeable in my MAC, but on PC it looks OK unless I change window size

Here is the site: www.scccatering.com

Any help would be great.


05-09-2005, 09:23 PM

Layers can be very tricky when it comes to that stuff. I usually use cells. You can set them by pixels or percent. Pixels will hardcode the cell so it will not move when the browser window expands - Percents allow for expanding. I noticed that your header and footer do expand but the rest doesn't. You might want to copy that and then paste it in the middle, delet the content and put you new content in. Might work. Good Luck,


05-11-2005, 01:41 AM
Wow! Wholly crap! Okay, back-up! First (only my opinion) get rid of the splash page!!! Replace with "about us"! Splash pages are like buying a house...with the door closed!

Stay away from layers (if possible)! They do render differently. You should use CSS to control your site. Also, your jpgs are too large!

As the first person indicated, cell and tables! Very imporatnt and he was right on!!! You can create and image (css controlled) to be placed as a background and THEN insert text over the image. Follow me?

I'm sorry, but the only way I can really help you is to send you a template for the site. I'm not sure about your experience with DW, and I'm not insulting your intelligence. If you can, create a template with FW. This will add uniformity to your site.

Remember, simplicity is the key to a good design.

Keep me informed.