View Full Version : Behaviors not behaving!

05-04-2005, 03:40 AM
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>i am a new boy here and have been slogging away on DW for about a month.

i have a list of sentences, which i prepared in FW as i wanted a stylised font.
in FW i have designed each sentence to have a rollover action. also, a mouse down action... in DW i have created some nice Show/Hide layer actions too. so far so fine.

the only problem, and this is the real guffed bit : i want to have, after the mouse has been down on the sentence graphic, (and the corresponding layer revealed)the mouse-down state to remain effective. the issue i that it only remains in the mouse-down state until another sentence is clicked, then it reverts to its up-state.
i want the viewer to know what s/he has clicked on or not. i suppose this would be a "clicked" state if i used text in DW right ?
trouble is, i havent yet found a way to have my "clicked state" remain in its clicked-state. i hope this makes some sense ?

help ! its taken three days and im still nowhere near getting it right and my eyes hurt ! :ph34r:

also, am i going about this the hard way ? i felt i needed to prepare these sentences in FW as the available fonts in DW are a bit dull. but the cost of doing all such text in graphics mode is this hassle and a squint !</span> preparing links and theor states is a lot easier in DW isnt it ?

if anyone has a link, or even better an IDEA to help then i would so really really be very greatful. im on my own on this, my first site to build.

thanks in advance to you