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04-20-2005, 06:58 PM
Hi...new here in this forum...
I found a drop down menu a few years back from RANJAN using Stuido VII. I can't find anything on the web on this anymore. Are most downloads for drop down menus cost money? I'm trying to create a drop down menu in Dreamweaver. I don't mind if I have to pay but I just want to make sure I'm getting the best one. Can someone help with these questions

oh that old site...I had printed it out...

http://www22.brinkster.com/ranjandatta/tut...edrop/demo.html ('http://www22.brinkster.com/ranjandatta/tuts/fadedrop/demo.html')
It was great...i wish it was still up.....


04-20-2005, 08:30 PM
Make your own 'jump menu' in DW

Insert form - insert jump menu - menu comes then edit what you want each one named just keep clicking + till your done.

Maybe something like I have in my new forum


04-20-2005, 08:32 PM
Make your menu in this area


04-21-2005, 03:04 AM
Hi Kate,

I found an absolutely fantastic menu from www.sothink.com. Its called Sothink DHTML Menu 5.0. It didnt cost very much either.

It comes with many templates you can customize for yourself - horizontal or vertical.

Hope this helps.


04-21-2005, 09:10 AM
Hya Kay,
I love DHTML I once had a really nice pic menu but I could'nt get the pics to show up..arrrrrrrrge..lmaoooo I have a link somewhere or used to have with lots of DHTML stuff i'll see if I can locate it sometime today.


04-21-2005, 09:28 AM
Hya Kay,

Here are some DHTML links I said I had hidden away somewhere lol

http://www.z3roadster.net/dreamweaver/ ('http://www.z3roadster.net/dreamweaver/')

I had'nt realised DHTML are behaviours for Dreamweaver but then I only got into the programe last few weeks.

http://www.schillmania.com/projects/snowstorm/ ('http://www.schillmania.com/projects/snowstorm/')

For this coming winter - a snowstorm you change wind on this as well so it snows a little or a lot lolol

:lol: :lol: