View Full Version : Trouble with passing variables

04-19-2005, 10:09 AM
Hi would be really grateful for some help. I am very new to app dev't have done a tiny bit of programming in the past but am only using the facilities available in MX 2004 at the moment. ASP/VB script.

I am working on a risk management application and have created a logon form where currently three types of users can log in - Manager, Locality, Director. Once logged in the user then enters their code to display risk relevant to their department. When the code is entered it displays a master detail page - a list of all the relevant risks and then you can click into the detail for each risk. Hope you are with me so far!

Once you have clicked into the chosen risk, there may be more than one action associated with each individual risk. So at this point i want to display the action master/detail for that particular risk with a link at the bottom saying "show actions".

I am able to retreive the orignial form variable (the manager code) and pass this to display on both the master and detail page. But when i try to pass the same variable to a further page. Its not showing.

Also I am unable to pass the risk ID number through to the next page in order to pick up any actions associated with this risk.

I am using forms and hidden fields to store the variables and from the information i have gleaned so far it seems that it should be possible for me to do this.

I would be really grateful for any assistance.

Kind regards