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04-19-2005, 04:15 AM
Hello Everybody,

I heard a lot abt. this fourms from my friends so I decided to Register with it. So here I am with my first post in this forum.

Right now I am re-designing my web site, I have designed a layout you can find it on http://www.milindonline.com/tester/graphics.html ('http://www.milindonline.com/tester/graphics.html') .

My problem is it takes extra time to load and also it shows some white patches around slices on top left , top right etc. , when i see its preview on my home Comp it works fine but when I host it and checked it on PC on IE and Mozila it shows some 4-5 white patches (i.e. slice errors) around the layout. But according to some of my friends they havent seen any white patches on their screen why so ? As i can clearly see it on my desk.

Also is there any trick that I can use for the slices so that the downloading will become faster ?


Is it predictable to write "Heavy Images does take a little more time so pls. be patient" line on my splash page. ? which is @ www.milindonline.com/splash.gif . So user will consider some extra time.

Really friends i have taken some SERIOUS EFFORTS on this layout so i really want everything to be fine... Hope you understands my problem.

Thnx for any help.
MiLiNd P. Thombare
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04-19-2005, 03:44 PM
hi milind and welcome to the forums! :)

Your design is pretty stylish and cool, it's its implementation that is giving you problems.
First of all, everything is images. So basically you've not made a webpage, you've made many web images :).

I would read up on some html/css/table tutorials, because there's where you really need to go if you want to develop websites like this. You've got 3 digit amount of table cells, this is bound to give you problems unless you're comfortable working with a table layout. Maybe looking at similar websites elsewhere on the web, and see how they built their interfaces?

I'm sorry there's no 'quick-fix' to this. Good luck though! :)