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04-13-2005, 04:30 PM
Help. I have been trying this for hours and can't figure it out. Basically, this is my goal... a very simple one. I have made a page and I want to put photos on it, but I want them to be thumbnails so people can choose to click on the pictures that they want to see bigger, if they so desire. So I used web photo album and it created the thumbnails, images and pages. However, how do I merge that with the orginal page I designed? I tried to do the whole template thing and it made it so complicated. Let's just say I have this one page I designed, and then I've got this page with the thumbnails called index.htm that DW put on for me, but I want to merge them together so that when people go to my site, all the pages look the same and it's not just this random album that is on another page. How do i do this? what's the easiest way? The only easy way I've found is to just use the small thumbnails that DW created, and try to link it to the bigger picture...but I can't figure out how to link it to the bigger picture without it being on another page completely..I don't want it to open in a new window. AH, so frustrating. Help.


04-13-2005, 07:10 PM
Hya Helen I found this script but not sure if its ok or not. maybe come back and let us know please.

If youíre not really in the need of using a new window, we still have some options to make navigation more pleasant. For instance, let users know a link is external by adding a little image next to it. You can use a similar approach as the script above, but adding an image inside the a tag, or use CSS, something like:

a[href^="http"] {
padding-right: 10px;
background-image: url(external.gif);
background-position: right !important;
background-repeat: no-repeat;

The user would have to use right click (or use the tabs options) to open in a separate window/tab, but he would be prevented. I mean, this is just presentational, but combined with the target module in point 1 or a script similar to point 3 or 4 itíd work fully. From my point of view, for most of the current sites, this CSS only approach would probably be the most elegant solution.
^ Selector | by Dante-Cubed
19 March 2004 @ 9:15pm

All images what I have seen are opened externally (new window).

Hope it helps anyway!


04-13-2005, 07:20 PM
Hya Helen,
This album certainly opens in the same window, just to the right of the small image. I dl the files only this afternoon, it means you need to re-design from your old one but well worth it. I hav'nt done mine yet but there is a very good tutorial.

http://www.projectseven.com/tutorials/navi...menus/index.htm ('http://www.projectseven.com/tutorials/navigation/snapmenus/index.htm')

Its free too!

:D :D

04-13-2005, 11:12 PM
Hi Kate:

Thanks for your help. I must admit that I still rather new to Dreamweaver so I am not familiar with HTML yet. However, I sorta figured out how to link the thumbnail to a larger picture, although it's complicated and the address in the published site ends up being like

http://www.geocities.com/blah/blah/blah/blah/blah.jpg ('http://www.geocities.com/blah/blah/blah/blah/blah.jpg'). It ends up being really long when you get to the bigger picture, which I find rather annoying. There must be an easy way! Also, I'm just using geocities.com until I figure out how to get a real domain name once I"m done creating the site...but the funny thing is, sometimes the preview in browser is different than what it looks like when it is published...is that true for anybody else? So I need geocities in the meantime to see what my published site loosk like.

Still, anyways...if there is a step-by-step way that is simple that you can teach me how to link a smaller thumbnail to a bigger one (I guess in another window is fine as well, as long as it isn't a ridiculous hard process)....because right now, all I do is the web photo album and although I get the thumbnails, it creates so many folders that that's why my address is ends being like blah/blah/blah/blah.jpg.

I hope I make some sense. THANK YOU GUYS!


04-14-2005, 07:18 AM
Hya Helen,

I too am new to DW but I will try to help as I go to most DW sites, and blogs out there as I am collecting tutorials where I can. some things you have to do first in Dreamweaver:

Define your site have you done that? I have mine in 'my documents/katessite everything you do in DW all images and files MUST go in there - do not delete anything from that folder - delete from DW or it gets confused! So pernicity the softwares lolol at the same time you define your site you need to set up your 'sites testing server'.

The long address, well I can reccomend hosting at two places, one is at the first link:
http://www.designsxchange.com/hosting.html ('http://www.designsxchange.com/hosting.html') excellent up time, also I moderate there, the backup if you have any problems is brilliant. my next link is not a bad deal either:

http://www.facthost.com/ ('http://www.facthost.com/') both links will set You up with a domain which is extra about $15 at facthost and normally in the U.K domains start at £10 depends where you get it from really helen.

http://www.domains.com/ ('http://www.domains.com/') don't be fooled by a domain seller your order is only a couple of pounds, by the time you reach the checkout they have put on VAT, and convinced you its for two years its a lot more more than most say the price is.

The prices I quoted are for 1 year only and mine is due for re-newel so I know the price is correct after an e-mail from my host. there is a small VAT even on mine.

Web design is different in some browsers than others so we test in all browsers:

Internet Explorer:
And remember the Mac users out there lolol try to get some people to test for you on each browser.

A good link from Macromedia on testing in all browers

http://www.thepattysite.com/window_sizes1.cfm ('http://www.thepattysite.com/window_sizes1.cfm')

I will try to find a solution where you can view the image in the same window. but I really like the one I said before.


04-14-2005, 08:37 AM
Hi all,

I'm not telling you to 'start over again' or anything, but did you realise that DreamWeaver has this inbuilt... you can do 'COMMANDS > CREATE WEB PHOTO ALBUM'

I've used it a few times and have found it to be very useful. You have to manually go through the pages and annotate the pics, but other than that it does everything for you!

Jim Shady.

04-14-2005, 08:47 AM
Hya Jim,

Blimey yes of course, I heard about that from a DW site and then forgot about it. I only joined here yesterday and one or two needed help so it went out of my head. many thanks jim.


04-14-2005, 04:05 PM

You've been so helpful so I REALLY REALLY thank you very much! I really apperciate it. So i hope you don't mind me asking for help in something else as well.

So, I've created a site, and basically, when the page isn't expanded, like if you have your favorite places open on the left side of internet explorer, or anything like that, then my website looks distorted and the images overlap funny. How do I make it so that all my images and design of my site stay the same if somebody chooses to not expand the entire site? Right it, looks like the entire page is all overlapped and funny and the design is on top of another when I just open up my favorite places on the left side. It's annoying!


04-14-2005, 04:07 PM
Have you uploaded the site to the web yet? You could send us to like to look at if possible.... we'd be able to help more if we could see it.

Jim Shady.

04-14-2005, 04:32 PM
Hya Helen,

For any image on the left, guess it could be fav's I looked at the help files:

For example, suppose your layout has a wide image on the left side of the page and a column of text on the right. You might set the left column to a fixed width and make the sidebar area autostretch.

When you make a column autostretch, Dreamweaver inserts spacer images in the fixed width columns to ensure that those columns stay as wide as they should be, unless you specify that no spacer image should be used. A spacer image is a transparent image, used to control spacing, that is not visible in the browser window. For more information, see Using spacer images.

Note: Making a column autostretch before your layout is complete may have unexpected effects on table layout. To prevent columns from growing unexpectedly wider or narrower, create your complete layout before making a column autostretch, and use spacer images when making a column autostretch. (However, if each column contains other content that will keep the column at the desired width, you donít need spacer images.)

Sometimes the visual width of a column as it appears in Layout view doesnít match the width specified in the HTML code. In that case, two numbers appear in the column header area.

You can now use browse for uploading images and use the 'code option/button' for uploading code keeps the forums tidy....lololol

I like showing you my code!

04-14-2005, 05:15 PM
Hi Jim and Kate:

Thanks for the advice and help. Kate, how do I do the column autostretch? Or set my layout at a fixed width? Also, I have a column on the left side and images on the right. Jim, I have published one page of my site to see what it looks like published so here:

http://www.geocities.com/tudortastic/hatfield.html ('http://www.geocities.com/tudortastic/hatfield.html')

Can you two look at it and give me proper advice about how to stop the weird web distortion (if it's even the column autostretch I have to do or what not)...because I know I have ads as well on the right, which makes the same distortion as well.... so basically, unless you click away the ad and close your Favorite Places, then my site looks completely screwed up, as you can see.

Also, you can see what I'm talking about previously with the really long address name when you click on the specific image.

Thanks so much!

04-14-2005, 06:25 PM
Hya Helen, see if this site helps any, recommeded by a Macromedia advisor:

http://www.dreamweaversites.com/tutorials/settingmargins.htm ('http://www.dreamweaversites.com/tutorials/settingmargins.htm')

Give the side cells a class or id and declare a
background image on the right and left sides.
Maybe tricky to get the top cells, bottom cells and side cells lined up, but
is definitely doable.

Just a couple of things I picked up for you to try helen.