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04-13-2005, 08:15 AM
I created a page/site in DW using CSS & tables. I created it on my laptop. The page looked fine while I was creating it and it displays on the web perfectly.

Then my laptop broke, so I installed DW on a desktop where it worked well for awhile, but now I can't save any docs because I get one of these JS errors that no amount of re-installing or deleting DW junk from the registry will help.

So I installed DW on a new laptop. Now - from the default installation - it displays wierdly - the tables are bigger than they're supposed to be (in relation to the rest) and it doesn't display the relative positioned objects properly.

Any ideas?

Incidentally, I notice that pages in the google cache also have these oversized tables too. Is that a legacy browser issue? If anyone wants to look the page is here http://cialis-rainbow.com ('http://cialis-rainbow.com') and the source is viewable.


04-13-2005, 08:44 AM
This is probably too simple an answer - but it looks as though the table have got padding on them. Should they? Is this what you mean?

I had that JS error also... can't remember what solved it now.... er.... er... it was something to do with the extension of the page if I remember. I had to do alot of work on the inner workings on dreamweaver to sort it out. I think it was Domedia that helped me!

Jim Shady.