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03-28-2005, 10:31 PM
I have a computer that I would like to setup and host my own web server/site from. My computer is configured with Win2k (SP4) and IIS 5.0, and using ASP.NET. I also use DW MX for all my web development.

My computer is connected to the Internet via Cable Modem and Linksys Router/Switch, and my ISP (TimeWarner/RoadRunner) has me behind a firewall.

PC ----- Linksys ----- Cable Modem ----- FW ----- Internet

For now, my main intent is to use this web server/site to execute and run form processing scripts. Later, overall site will probably evolve further.


1) Can I do this?
2) Do I need a third-party domain service?
3) How do I properly setup local, remote and test sites within DW?
4) Will my ISPs firewall prevent me from doing this?
5) What are my options, without spending any money?
6) Can this be done a corporate Intranet?

If anyone out there has done this before, please help me out here. Running out of time!

Because I am a newbie, could you please provide your responses in ‘newbie’ terminology?

Thank you.


04-16-2005, 01:56 AM
Your answers are...
2.Good free Domains at www.no-ip.com
3.i don't know :(
4.as long as you can open ports your good. Like forums requires port 80(Default) FTP 20,21 and some others one I don't know.
5.Alot :P
6.I don't know :(

My set up is little different but just to give a idea :) .
Hardware Specs.
Proccessor: 733 Intel Pentium 3
Ram: 256 PC-800
Hardware: 40GB 7200 RPM IDE
Video Card: 5600 XTF (Cache Charge Enabled)
Software specs
Appserv set up
SQL 4.1
No-Ip.com Domain
and free Domain for extra bandwith just incase :D
Dream Weaver MX 2004 app and Graphic Adobe Photoshop

04-16-2005, 03:42 AM
You're going to save yourself tons of headaches and workarounds/hacks by using real servers with good stable connections to the internet. Hosting your site elsewhere does not have to be expensive at all, and you can focus your time on things you want to do (making money? ;)) I've actually played around with the thought of creating an affordable hosting service myself for dreamweaver users. I run some heavy traffic sites on some servers, and often thought about making a dw specific service.

The real lowdown on your solution is that you have to maintain it yourself (do you trust your skills against hackers enough to open up ports into your network?), and you're relying on your ISP, which cannot guarantee your uptime the way a real hosting service can, many of them doesn't even allow for hosting of websites.

I was going to mention that dynamic ip addresses would be a problem as well, but it seems www.no-ip.com has solved that, not sure how they do it. But it might be worth a try? It seems kcmmnem got it to work, so he can share some more experiences I'm sure :)

Creative Insanity
12-16-2005, 05:09 PM
Ok I use to host my own sites some years ago and it is not hard at all.
Real easy actually. I do not now however, why? for the reasons that dom pointed out. It is not a good move unless you have VAST and I do mean VAST knowledge about scripts, trojans, freaks, jammers, hackers, spoofers, and the list goes on. Also you will be creating yourself a ton of work on it's up keep and safety.. and 2000.. I don't thinks so as that is so full of holes it ain't funny. I would seriously get a real hoster where they can look after all the above and have the knowledge of the industry.

But if you are still keen..
<span style='color:#333399'>) Can I do this?</span>
Yes, very easerly.
<span style='color:#333399'>2) Do I need a third-party domain service?</span>
No, you can use no-ip and this gives you a small client that loads into your systray at bootup and tells no-ip what your new dynamic is.
If you have a fix IP then you can use that, but then that would mean your web address would be an ip address, but you could still use no-ip with a fix address and use a word url instead of your fixed ip.
<span style='color:#333399'>3) How do I properly setup local, remote and test sites within DW?</span>
Press F1 and ask DW. Comes with an excellent help file.
<span style='color:#333399'>4) Will my ISPs firewall prevent me from doing this?</span>
Proberly not, as it will be setup for you to send and receive packets which in effect is all you are doing, but read their terms and conditions incase you are not allowed to run a server. Also be aware that your bandwidth will go bye bye very fast if you have a lot of hits.
<span style='color:#333399'>5) What are my options, without spending any money?</span>
Everything you want to do here, but if you do not want to spend any money, then you may be sacrificing your system. You will need to buy good security features (a hardware firewall comes to mind here) and another OS.. Linux would be my choice, but since you are using ASP, then atleast 2003 server web edition.
<span style='color:#333399'>6) Can this be done a corporate Intranet?</span>
what are you meaning here?