View Full Version : SCROLL BAR IN FRAMES

03-26-2005, 12:57 PM

Wondered if anyone can help me. I have a page with a frame down the left hand side. This views ok with 1024 x 768 but if viewed with 800 x 600 the bottom buttons in the frame are not viewable.

I need to add a scroll bar to combat this....although I thought it was automatic in I.E etc. I know I could reduce the size of the buttons, but long term I will probably want to add more and therefore it would only be a workaround to reduce the size.
I believe i can add scrolling="yes" or "auto" into the code but not sure where to put this. I have added it at the start and it doesn't change.

To see what I mean see www.offtherecord.net

I am new to this web design stuff so any advice much appreciated.