View Full Version : Editing DW in FW

03-21-2005, 07:45 PM
Perhaps someone can tell me where I am going wrong...

I have created a side nav bar with pop-ups. The nav bar itself is a simple affair consisting of text labels, not buttons.

I drew hotspots around each 'button' (text label) and a slice around the whole thing, before exporting to DW MX 2004.

The pop-ups work fine intitially. The problem seems to be once in DW when I try to edit the nav bar in FW.

In order to be able to edit in FW, I have to click on a part of the inserted nav bar which is not covered by a hotspot, but which is still within the inserted nav bar.

When the file opens in FW, clicking on the hotspots shows there are no pop-ups to edit.

If I open the originally exported file (in FW) and then re-export, it seems to do the trick, but I though the idea was to be able to edit in FW, from within DW.