View Full Version : Help with ULP parameters

03-15-2005, 11:02 PM
Using Dreamweaver MX 2004 I am trying to complete a tutorial that says the following:
1. Set a place holder (from info from a mysql database) for the album name {rs_catalog.AlbumName} that you added to the table. In the properties inspector, click the folder icon to the right of the link drop down menu.
2. In the File name of the link dialog box, type “albumdetail.php”. You are going to create that file shortly.

• Note: I did this and the link showed up correctly”

3. Click the parameters button and type “AlbumID” in the name, and tab to the value field instead of typing in a value. Click the lighting bolt icon and select “AlbumID” in the recordset that appears. And show only that data that matches that record.

• Note. I do not see a parameters button in the property inspector when I right click on the placeholder as instructed. I am assuming that this tutorial is written for a earlier version of DW MX. Where is the parameters button or how else do I get to it so I can do the above?

I suspect this has to do with getting the dynamic link for album name on page catalog.php to link to the page albundetails.php