View Full Version : HELP PLEASE Quicktime load time too long

02-23-2005, 12:10 PM
I have a new HTML site that I just put up threw godaddy.com and I have several quicktimes on several different pages. One of them is 50MB and it takes about a 1 - 2minutes to load. The other is about 100MB and it takes about 4 minutes. I see some Websites where the quicktimes come up almost instantly whem click the page. how do I successfully reduce my quicktime load time to make them come up faster?

Heres on of the links

http://www.ruffbreedentertainment.com/Midn...%20Rite%202.htm ('http://www.ruffbreedentertainment.com/Midnite%20Get%20Rite%202.htm')


02-23-2005, 03:59 PM
There's 2 ways you can approach this. Optimize your movie files. They are way too big for the web. The only reason you get them as fast as you do, is because you are probably on an internet broadband connection. Dialup users would have to wait hours for the movies to load. I cannot recommend software for this, maybe someone else can. Stream the content through a flash file instead. Flash can stream any content as far as I know. Again, I cannot tell you how this is done. But Macromedia Flash is capable of this.2 options there for at least :-) but remember the web is not TV, it has limitation unique to the medium, and one of them is speed :)