View Full Version : Help - I'm going insane with this thing!

02-22-2005, 02:29 PM
I'm new to DW & FW. I'm using version 4 of both.

Having created a great layout in FW, I have sliced and optimised before exporting. I have done this many times, with different options each time but I have problems each time.

The page has a top nav bar (on the left is a logo, on the right the 4 buttons for the main sections and directly above each button is an image that show where you are in the site).
Then there is a side nav bar. This has links to the secondary pages under the main pages.
The rest of the page is for text/graphics etc.

Problem 1:
I have exported the top nav bar in 3 pieces: logo, images above buttons and the buttons. I insert the elements in my DW document, but run into difficulties. The pieces are inserted in their own tables, resulting in nested tables. I have read that this is a bad idea and although I can put all the elements into a single table, this does not let me go back to FW to edit (upon completing the edit the table structure has reverted to the original. More importantly I cannot get the top nav bar to expand with the browser if it contains nested tables (I can do so if itís just one table).

Problem 2:
The top nav bar buttons have pop-up menus attached. After exporting/importing into DW, the drop-down part of the pop-up appears in a totally different place than it did in FW.

Problem 3:
The inserted buttons (with pop-ups) brings a tag with it. This appears to be a script tag for loading the menus. The problem is that this tag interferes with the row heights. I have turned this off in preferences and sometimes (donít ask how I did it) I can move the tag to allow me to resize the row to the exact size of the inserted elements.

That should do for now. If I solve these problems, I will try to get help with the others.

Many thanks for any help.