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01-31-2005, 10:43 PM

I recently created a website which uses frames; I designed it with a monitor resolution of 800x600 not knowing about the display issues that would arise with other resolutions. As you know, when you increase your monitor resolution to 1024x768, the space on screen in the browser window seems a lot greater then that at a lower resolution. My problem is that the website displays fine at an 800x600 resolution, but at 1024x768 the whole site is pushed to the top left side of the screen, making it loose itís centering in the browser. This is due to the frames which as the resolution is increased remain at their initially set position of the 800x600 site. What Iím hoping to get, if its possible, is some advice on what can be done regarding this issue. I know that the obvious reasoning is why use frames in the first place, but at this point, I canít start thinking about re-designing the whole site. Could there be an alternative to removing the frames in order to have the site centered in the browser window at 1024x768 just as it does at 800x600?

The site is located at this address: http://www.nclenvirotek.com/English/ncl.htm ('http://www.nclenvirotek.com/English/ncl.htm')
Please try to view it at 1024x768 and then 800x600 to compare.

P.s: the site was made with Dreamweaver MX in WinXP.

Thank you very much for any help you can offer me
- Capo

02-01-2005, 01:11 AM
You can specify a column width of * to mean "the rest of the space."

For example:
<frameset cols="200,*">
would make the left frame 200 pixels wide, and the right column the remaining space in the window.

Or you can specify:
<frameset cols="*, 2*">
to make the right column twice as wide as the left column. Together they are the width of the window.

Note: I haven't coded frames since I started using Dreamweaver, so I don't know how to tell dreamweaver to do this, but you can always tweak the html in code view.

As an added thought, if you really want your content to be only, say, 750px wide, you could add a couple extra columns, making the first and last columns * for width.

Tom M.