View Full Version : linking flash roll overs to frames

01-04-2005, 01:41 PM

I am hoping someone can help me out here. I am in the process of converting our current web site to use a small amount of frames.

I have run into problems when trying to use our flash navigation images. I have 4 flash rollover images which are linked in flash to certain urls. This works fine on our non frame site.

I have created the frames set and have the flash images inserted into the page. When the rollover is clicked it opens the url in the frame that the image is in. I need to tell it which frame to open the url in.

According to macromedia you can use the property inspector to assign a url and tell it which frame to open in. The url is selected by filling in the SRC section and the frame is selected by choosing from the target drop down menu. This works fine on images such as .gif .jpeg but it wont give me the target drop down menu on my .swf

Do I need to code this in Flash? Or am I doing something wrong....?

Please help...I'm going mad here..


01-04-2005, 04:59 PM
Yes the link properties in a flash file are set in the flash file. :)
I'm no flash guru so I can't tell you how to do it though..