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08-14-2004, 06:23 PM
I'm having some problems with how my url reads and I can't figure what I've done wrong.

I started this site in Jan. but had to put it aside, in the meantime I had to clean my HD. So I made a new folder to put everything from the site in it, which was just the one main page at the time.

Now when I try to upload a rough draft of my site I get the folder name of the site in the URL. I use WS-FTP to upload my pages if that matters.

The site is www.northernlights-gallery.com there you see the main page. When I add pages to the site it gives me the url of www.northernlights-gallery.com/northernlights-gallery/index.html.

I want to take that second northernlights-gallery (which is the folder name I have in DW) out of the url. At this point no matter what page I go into I get the same thing, 2 northern lights followed by whatever page I want to pull up.

Any help with this problem would sure be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

08-14-2004, 07:02 PM
Could you please provide a little more information? In particular, the information you supply to WS_FTP. When you edit the site information, on the Host Info tab, what to you specify for the Host name?
On the Startup tab, what do you specify for Local folder, and for Remote site folder?

Where on your hard drive is your site actually located? By that, I mean what is the exact path to your index.html page?

Tom M.

08-14-2004, 09:27 PM
Thanks for the help. First I don't find a 'host info tab' but I think I might have found what your talking about. When WS opens I get a box which at the top says WS_FTP Pro: Connect to Remote Host. There are some buttons on the right of that and if I click on the one that says Edit, it tells me my host name is ftp.norhternlights-gallery.com, under that is my user name, password, etc.. To the right of that is a list with Host Info at the top, under that it says Startup, Session, etc...

When I click on Startup it has fields that are blank. Those fields are Local folder, Remote site folder, etc... I think this is where you want me to be, and as I said those are blank. Maybe that's my problem??????

Now for the easy question to answer :) The path on my HD is:

My Documents/Webs/norhternlights-gallery/index.html (or whatever folder then page I want to see).

So if I'm following your thinking the problem is the way I have WS set up right? After seeing this I think the way I want to set it up is under local folder add the path to the northernlights-gallery as I have above, then for Remote site folder I would add public_html/northernlights-gallery?

I hope I'm on the right track, thanks for your help, I'm anxious to hear back from you if this is right or not.


08-15-2004, 12:53 AM

I don't know what WS_FTP does if you don't specify a local folder, but I suspect that has to do with the problem.

When you put in the local folder, using a name that starts with My Documents... may not work. If you're on Windows XP, you need to put in a name like
c:\Documents and Settings\xxx\My Documents\Webs\northernlights-gallery
where xxx is a name that depends on what Windows user you are logged in under.

My Documents is a strange animal because different users have different My Documents folders. If all this is too confusing, you may want to move your Webs folder out of My Documents to C:\Webs.

If you're on an Apache server, I would expect the remote folder to be something like public_html or httpdocs. However, your files seem to have gone into the right place (except a level too deep), so you seem to be doing that okay.

I'm probably making this a lot more confusing than it should be. If so, perhaps someone else can jump in here and help.

By the way, Dreamweaver is perfectly capable of doing your FTPs for you. I assume you have a reason for using a separate program, but if you want to use Dreamweaver, go to the Files window and in the dropdown box, go to Define Sites. Fill in the Local Info and Remote Info categories with basically the same info that WS_FTP needs. You can then upload/download from the Files panel.

Tom M.

08-15-2004, 05:39 PM
Hi Tom,

Thanks for all your help. When I woke up this morning the answer to all this came to me instantly! It all started when I had to clean my HD. Since I had nothing in DW anymore and had to reload it DW was clean. So when I wanted to work on it DW made me create a new site. That caused the double northernlights... in the the URL.

So it was just a matter of making a new site and moving all my folders in there. Now the URL reads correctly :D All I have to do is fix the links and that's easy to do.

Of course one problem always leads to another and you might have already given me the solution to that. I won't know until I try it, but you might know the answer to this one, what you said about uploading & downloading directly from DW might solve this problem.

I have the main index page at www.northernlights-gallery.com If you go there you can see my main page. I have to be able to edit this page as I add my own gallery along with 3 others I'm going to be doing. That page was created before I cleaned my HD.

So my question is can I download this page into DW and edit it there even though I no longer have that site in DW?

If not, how would I go about doing that?

Thanks again for all your help! You have saved me hours of frustration and hair pulling :blink:


08-16-2004, 05:06 PM
Yes, you can use Dreamweaver to download files from your remote site to your hard drive. First, create an empty folder on your hard drive where you want to have your local copy (if you have not already done so). Then you define your site. Using the Files panel, find "Define Sites" or "Manage Sites" from the first dropdown list, and fill in the information in the Local Info and Remote Info sections.

Once you have the site properly defined and are able to connect to it, you can select "remote View" from the second dropdown list (You may need to first connect by clicking on the connect icon on the left of the ttobar on the Files panel. You can then select one or more folders/files and click the downward pointing arrow on the Files panel to download the selected files. You can then work on your site on your own machine and upload the modified files when you have them ready.

Also, check out the Synchronize function, also available from the Files panel. Simply right-click within the panel and choose Synchronize. Check out the options available. This tells Dreamweaver to determine which files need to be transferred, and give you a list of such files. You can then click on a button to go ahead and transfer the files.

Note: I am using Dreamweaver MX 2004. If you are using an older viersion, some details may be different. Check out the flyout menu at the right end of the title bar of the Files panel (or maybe they call it the Sites panel on older versions - I don't remember).

Tom M.

08-18-2004, 09:29 PM
Just a note for the record...you can also download any file into any folder using WS-FTP and then open it with Dreamweaver, Edit, save, then re-upload with WS-FTP.

That's in case you don't actually want to define the site in DW.