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06-07-2004, 02:39 AM
I know most of you are probably already doing this but I always thought it would take to much time to develop a backend system to update my content sites.

One thing I have learned over the past year is how easy it is to make a backend system for a website. If I am building a content website that is filled with articles the first thing I do after I have the initial design is build a simple backend system with PHP & MySQL that allows me to login and add more articles with pics. Then in the body of the article section of my content site I just loop through the database pulling the information for each article. In the past I would always build content sites with static pages and the silly thing was I knew how easy and how much easier my life would be if I would just implement a backend system, like a mini CMS. Now I build all of my content sites off the same backend code, which is powered my mod_rewrite for search engine friendly URL's.

Just thought I'd share.

How do you all handle your content sites.

06-07-2004, 04:56 PM
I deal with content in 3 ways, depending what kind of project it is.

The company I work for have their own custom built application that will handle all content on a website. We've had this application for years and keep adding features.

Personally, I have some websites that are of age, I've just kept adding more and more static pages and I can't really start thinking about how to implement a content management system to it. Mostly due to my lack of programming skills.

Lately I've been using more and more canned open source applications. I tend to choose a different application for each project I do, since I'm not a programmer, so I can't really customize the functionality much. The latest one I used was Mambo, http://www.mamboserver.com/ ('http://www.mamboserver.com/'), I'm really impressed with it so far, seems very modular. I usually try to browse through http://www.hotscripts.com ('http://www.hotscripts.com'), although the amount of scripts in each category can be overwhelming.

06-07-2004, 06:46 PM
Yeah I have been working with some canned CMS as well. I tried mambo for the first time a week ago for a website that i am building, nextelthunder.com . Its a great package and its easily customizable. Although I did find the admin panel a bit confusing, other than that its a great CMS system. I plan to use it on some more projects that I do.

06-09-2004, 07:56 PM
Opps that above post was from me from my PC at work. :D