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  1. php "from" problem
  2. PHP How to display multiple images from DB
  3. HTML to Database
  4. does anybody know of any series email programs?
  5. PHP and TextField bug... help!
  6. hard coding html attributes into php
  7. Sending File Attachment with PHP... How???
  8. Help with echo-ing arrays
  9. Limiting records to a page and create paging
  10. Sloppyness
  11. Help with sessions
  12. Rounding up figures in PHP
  13. e-mail a confirmation of form sent...how?
  14. Problems with a form and a session
  15. What does this warning mean?
  16. PHP - passing variables to another page or suggestions
  17. delete from database issues
  18. question about onchange=...
  19. Deleting Problem
  20. URL Variables
  21. problems w/ first time email form setup...
  22. Multiple Fields in Dynamic Menu Drop Down
  23. Dreamweaver CS3 Problems with OS X 10.5 Leopard
  24. new way of doing login and lost password?
  25. Basic pagination
  26. using dreamweaver mx 2004 7.1 should I use mysql_real_escape_string
  27. Updating Multiple Rows at once
  28. starting to use PHP - HELP!
  29. image
  30. Select forms question
  31. drop down combo update how?
  32. Application used for starting PHP
  33. how to install php and mysql in leopard 10.5
  34. _POST radio buttons in a form
  35. 3 drop down and keyword search results either give all or nothing
  36. php 101
  37. user verification image
  38. Ok installed MAMP now what
  39. about php
  40. Make a Text field only accept ints?
  41. Forms and Create Tables in MySQL
  42. installed mamp, how do i turn on display errors
  43. Generate a unique number not already in a list
  44. databse results?
  45. drop down combos using $_GET not working as it should
  46. Not sure if this is possible - Ramdom quotes from testimonials.
  47. Error
  48. running php vs asp/aspx sites locally
  49. update uploaded image
  50. Help with php
  51. PHP login problem
  52. need help with form processing
  53. Using sessions to pass information
  54. Logic Help
  55. Need help with the resultpage
  56. Can anyone say if this is right?
  57. Help with a radio button
  58. Need help with this i cant get the mysql connection right
  59. Working with PDF files and PHP
  60. PHP forms
  61. Newbie learning PHP
  62. using foreach() with arrays.
  63. Create date folders with mkdir().
  64. PHP, A beginners Guide - 404 error
  65. Auto print page without the print dialog opening.
  66. Google tracking code in php page
  67. login.php setup
  68. more than the tutorial - how to upload images to folder and database in one hit
  69. Table repeat region and applying alternate background colors.
  70. Contact Form Confirmation Page - Help!
  71. Contact Form - Method Not Allowed Error
  72. Send Help Urgently
  73. How to ban ppl from your site using PHP and MYSQL
  74. Dependant Drop Down Menu as Search Function
  75. mail script problem
  76. How Can I Create A Website That Allows Users To Upload Pictures To It?
  77. Need help how to open other page than index.php
  78. Building a Advanced Recordset from URL Varible (php/mySql)
  79. Create a php filter for dynamic table
  80. Logos in email from Contact Form?
  81. Creating PDF documents
  82. simple registration question
  83. Dynamic Drop Down Help
  84. Calculations correct place to do it
  85. Using Dreamweaver and PHP to send form results in an email
  86. How would you capture which user has done what to the process?
  87. Dynamic Image Rotator
  88. Summary of Clients Spend
  89. Address look up from input field
  90. Inserting new header.gif
  91. mySQL wont all % sign
  92. PHP question
  93. Can't connect to mysql server from my webhost?:S
  94. not sure how to add css to this switch case hyperlink
  95. Login Tutorial (security not working the same as tut)
  96. wondering why a select won't combine with results
  97. modifcation of mail script
  98. PHP and Hot Folders. Is this possible?
  99. create a search function for my website
  100. Deleting options & security from a PHP form
  101. php force download dialouge prompt
  102. I need some help with my account.register.php
  103. Updating multiple rows in one go. Is it possible?
  104. Flash and php?
  105. Database Security
  106. searching database?
  107. Using exec() to run .exe files.
  108. Adding php variables
  109. A timer in PHP (runs even when browser isnt open?)
  110. Php And Flash......mission Impossible (but Were Gettin There)
  111. PHP Image Gallery Guidance
  112. Got some problems with my news system :S
  113. convert Array to strings automatically?
  114. Problems with this query, all help appreciated.
  115. First attempt at class in php
  116. A script to ping servers from a DB
  117. any one used mod_rewrite?
  118. Paging system....involving arrays...
  119. PHP paging
  120. Don't understand this code. :S
  121. How do you stop pdf docs being uploaded?
  122. php menu falls under selectors
  123. Creating Dynamic Dropdowns can't get to work
  124. hiding email with php
  125. How to loop to make it work?
  126. problem with round()
  127. Is it possible to hide rows in a dynamic table?
  128. if-then-else or switch?
  129. Help with stream lining a HTML page
  130. How to make database values into arrays?
  131. Using PHP to send form results in an e-mail.
  132. Mod DW Server Behaviors
  133. PHP email script variable issue
  134. php help
  135. Is There A Better Way?
  136. How can i prevent php injection?
  137. select multiple emails from database & let them know expiry date
  138. Search and email
  139. Ternary conditionals
  140. Uploading Mysql Database to Server!!
  141. I've got myself confused with sessions again!
  142. Loop address for club email
  143. 3 Dynamic Dropdowns
  144. Problems loading table with "do" loop
  145. updating my records
  146. Deny certain email domains?
  147. Question on checking ranks based off hours
  148. Php6
  149. How would or could I make this less?
  150. Form entry question
  151. PHP Top Download
  152. detecting if GD libraries are enabled
  153. FTP for Apache on Windows
  154. Buy a Hotel Booking System?
  155. Smart idea or not?
  156. What is the Query to get all the rows into an array
  157. Incoming emails to a mailing list
  158. advice on Log in forms
  159. Dreamweaver and SQL
  160. Compare a string variable, I think
  161. How to change the look of the website?
  162. Problems with posting a form
  163. Sql lite problem
  164. do while but 3 items per row
  165. form to submite info mysql & still upload pic
  166. not sure where this is going wrong, while - nested while
  167. php problem
  168. Submit stays disabled till form is happy?
  169. Do I start my pages with PHP?
  170. Having Problems in Creating a Basic News System
  171. first mysql row ONLY shows 2x
  172. Dynamic Web Page Help
  173. my_phpinfo.php
  174. online php email application
  175. Export/Import Database with EMS Mysql Lite
  176. would this be considered an array?
  177. having all products and pictures show when clicked
  178. Creating Pages for info that is in a do while loop
  179. posting an image through php into mysql
  180. A link problem
  181. PHP email form script
  182. PHP Paging problem... sort of!
  183. Dynamic drop down menu using dreamweaver
  184. only some variables returning with $_POST
  185. ? on variables inside a function
  186. Database connections and PHP sessions
  187. concatenate variable into url
  188. pushing variables through the address bar
  189. include usr login - echo "hello world"; or echo "wrong paswd"
  190. navigation bar edit
  191. I have an 11 outside of my html and cant find the code
  192. back end image upload
  193. a html and php conflict question
  194. Why does only one of my records get displayed?
  195. problem showing picture
  196. PLEASE help me with this form!!!
  197. Dropdown word how?
  198. cannot modify header in redirect function?
  199. uploaded images dont work with php form
  200. imagettftext with URL param?
  201. I have this running total form - php works except when putting into database.
  202. menu CSS select "current" using JSP or PHP
  203. best way to do multiple updates, I think?
  204. Problem with my contact script.
  205. using POST and GET
  206. Passing Vars through Url and security
  207. problem with redirecting
  208. trouble finding selected variable
  209. How to call a specific row with PHP
  210. error in db[solved]
  211. Question on this error?
  212. Help with this error?
  213. PHP Paging Problem
  214. menu issues?
  215. unexpected T_STRING
  216. shopping cart for php/mysql
  217. Echo, Print?
  218. help with cron
  219. Spaces in my GD please.
  220. Query to split my fields into two?
  221. Brainstorming
  222. Help with this Header Warning
  223. updating drop down from dwc tutorial
  224. Can't update the check boxes
  225. Joining two columns (fields) ?
  226. help with uploader
  227. another Functions issue for me
  228. question on globals
  229. Help with an edit form
  230. Email form values in a repeat?
  231. question on adding slashes to form feilds
  232. Can anybody give a hand with php running totals?
  233. detail page with navigation
  234. generic form handlers and vunerabilities
  235. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/the/public_html/Connections/rs.php on line
  236. How To Save DB in PHP MyAdmin
  237. Syntax for 'or' in and argument
  238. Delete image from server
  239. I was wondering if anyone could help me out?
  240. database question.. MySQL/PHP
  241. INSERT using () or not?
  242. Another INSERT question! (dates)
  243. Value or Die?
  244. can a detail page have links as well?
  245. different user rights..
  246. email help
  247. Image retrieval (MYsql) and horizontal loops??
  248. mail form question
  249. ALOT of errors when including
  250. ip check (if, echo etc... help)