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  16. Mobile phone number validation
  17. what is the meaning of this [1] ,[0] and [2] ?
  18. how to use \n ?
  19. i dont understand with both slash (/) and backslash (\) usage.
  20. what is the meaning of xx and yy ?
  21. i need my browser tell me which line is wrong but this doesnt happen in my browser. my file is index
  22. Os Commerce Problems
  23. Creating site in PHP help
  24. Link to a script - can this work ?
  25. Oscommerce Messed
  26. not sure where to define my database
  27. "if($_GET['logout'])" type thing . . . You there DJ?
  28. "Includes" aren't working correctly.
  29. PHP Date
  30. Trying to make a searchable dropdown.
  31. check if the email already exists
  32. Using Dreamweaver and PHP to send form results in an email
  33. Uploading Images and watch them !!!
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  36. DB script Q..
  37. Problem accessing array data from a link.
  38. I must be entering the PHP code in wrong
  39. DW won't link to new php file
  40. PHP Form validation not working in IE
  41. Animated Gif on submit of form
  42. How do you make a Paypal buy it now button with variable PHP code price
  43. Volunteer Sign-up Sheet
  44. Syntax error help
  45. Input forms problem
  46. Incrementing record number in a form
  47. Plzzz Help! :(
  48. PHP Form to Mail problem
  49. file_exists NEVER works for me
  50. problem understanding array results
  51. Can never get PHP mail form to work.
  52. login script doesn't recognise i'm entering valid data, just tells me that it doesnt exist.
  53. Creating Search Query with Optional Fields
  54. Did I Do It Right
  55. php code in page from template not working.
  56. combining 3 form elements' value into 1
  57. PHP form sends blank email.
  58. trying to get login script to work properly
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  60. file uploads not giving error when over 12mb in size.
  61. PHP form history not saved in IE
  62. Script not running with php includes
  63. Set a variable from text field
  64. Active Navigation with php includes
  65. SMS scripts
  66. php for little football club website
  67. the dreaded php mailto form
  68. Securing a PEAR Install with .htaccess
  69. Form with captcha and required fields
  70. Radio buttons - help please
  71. find out the username that uploaded the file
  72. Pulling my Unlink()ed hair out!!
  73. Trying to delete image file from server
  74. Help deleting file from server
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  76. Help coding a form?
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  78. Rounding this number
  79. Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal
  80. Help getting a contact form to work
  81. PHP & Print message for database entry
  82. GentleSource form mail
  83. should I compress a video file on upload if so how, or increase my upload limit.
  84. Php image upload help
  85. Updating underlying tables in database from web page form
  86. CGI with form to process data
  87. Converting this timestamp to a more readable date
  88. sendresults.php
  89. echo with a href confusion - help
  90. getting form to send error if all fields aren't filled in.
  91. Help me solve this please
  92. help needed
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  94. Want to display the current page I am looking at in a recordset
  95. PHP online tutorials
  96. Problem calling images from MySQL
  97. PHP Script & HTML form returning blank email
  98. PHP moron...
  99. How do you time a login response page ?
  100. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter
  101. How to choose the right PHP Framework for web development?
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  105. including formatted date with sprintf
  106. Blank email form submissions along with filled in forms
  107. If date is a weekend??
  108. Email form is sent but empty!
  109. How to create the PHP script for contact form?
  110. contact form with file upload
  111. pls help am new to php contact form
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  114. My PHP form sends email but email is blank
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  126. Dreamweaver Club PHP Form - Help please!
  127. Dynamic List Menu to Details Page
  128. Can't use mysqli_num_rows value in a write context
  129. Keeping URL variables from being modified?
  130. Changing CSS of something within a PHP variable?
  131. Error of some sort with getting info from MySQL table?
  132. Trying to upload a photo and text?
  133. Technical Q..
  134. Strange....
  135. Redirecting an included page?
  136. Problem with paging options
  137. Php Q..
  138. Sending data twice...
  139. no email arriving
  140. Send form results PHP script problem
  141. Am i doing it wrong?
  142. Problem with MySQL timezone?
  143. Need help php script?
  144. This might be a little more clear
  145. Form Won't Process
  146. Using PHP for the first time
  147. Form will validate on Computer, not on the web?
  148. PHP blank e-mails
  149. Checking if a user is still logged in: HELP!
  150. Multiple Database Connections
  151. confused about index page file extension
  152. Communication problem between html and php files
  153. Preserving ListMenu input when form validation fails?
  154. browser tabs problem
  155. echoing php data
  156. contact form mail goes to junk folder
  157. regex accepts .couk - causes problems
  158. Help PHP checkbox multiple choises
  159. emailing webform with form results
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  161. xampp
  162. PHP MySQL Contact Form Problem
  163. Setting a JavaScript in <header> before page loads w/ PHP?
  164. Setting cookies problems?
  165. urgent ! can help me find that what is the problem for this ?
  166. Sorting order with a link
  167. php browser return error
  168. Drop down options math
  169. PHP Includes not showing
  170. contact form php help
  171. Info on serving up docs from MySQL database
  172. undefined variable
  173. PHP $Mail headers
  174. Restrict Access to certain users based on if a variable in the SQL database is set to 1
  175. column count doesn't match value count
  176. Create online Contract - mysql query
  177. Validate a dropdown menu
  178. PHP Inserts duplicate multiple rows in table
  179. creating an online store
  180. Can't deselect an option in the second of two related lists.
  181. Multiple Form to mail contact on 1 website?
  182. dynamic login and logout
  183. Checking entered password against required one?
  184. PHP not interacting with MySQL correctly...
  185. truncating the database avarage to 2 decimals
  186. rename file - same name - needs refresh ??
  187. dynamic php code help for login and logout
  188. limit a while loop ?
  189. wampserver help
  190. Contact.php
  191. include
  192. Event registration
  193. Prestashop
  194. Query Strings not accessible via $_GET command
  195. Chat room HELP
  196. Chat\
  197. Dreamweaver CS5 PHP MySQL dynamic list
  198. Creating Send-A-Link email form
  199. whats wrong with this php code?
  200. PROBLEM WITH FORM! I am desperate
  201. please please help me with this again
  202. Loading specific HTML into PHP
  203. *Form Question with my php page*
  204. best way to trim(stripslashes( each posted form item?
  205. Registration system problem
  206. HELP!!! Form not working right
  207. bit confused with this recordset
  208. Update multiple rows in a dynamic table Dreamweaver CS5
  209. Using header("Location: ...") after an FTP upload?...
  210. multi checkboxes
  211. Sendresults.php
  212. Contact page not working?
  213. Error with resizing image then uploading with FTP?
  214. radio button is selecting but not showing selected
  215. session_start error...
  216. phpMySQL select statement
  217. editing PHP based site
  218. problems with php script in the contact form
  219. HERE is my PHP SCRIPT
  220. link to powerpoint viewer outside browser
  221. Cant quite get my PHP correct
  222. cannot retrieve data from recordset with mysql and dw cs4
  223. Randomising is causing a problem !
  224. Html Email Form
  225. Storing data in a tmpfile before querying a database
  226. A very poor php student!
  227. Update REcords
  228. PHP frustration.
  229. Problem with two word option value in dropdown.
  230. Php email form help
  231. PHP Log In Script
  232. Databases and Web Hosting
  233. php choosing css
  234. PHP script to create a sql database
  235. Re-sort table by clicking column names
  236. PHP Logic help
  237. Using a database to populate a gallery widget
  238. Pulling in PHP functions using AJAX (undefined variable errors))
  239. Tutorial Dreamweaver Cs5.5 The Missing Manual (Pg 998-1018)
  240. MySQL Database connection not working
  241. admin login system
  242. Can servers add escaping to a file name ?
  243. Php installation tutorial gets hung up on the create database steps.
  244. best way to pass a string through multiple functions.
  245. Form Results = Empty :*(
  246. Search bar
  247. WebDAV for testing server?
  248. PHP quiz
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  250. PHP form help PLEASE