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  2. I can't send email with PHP
  3. how to design a forum
  4. PHP function needed to do calculations on page - any suggestions?
  5. Multiple Checkboxes in PHP
  6. Help with Pagination code...
  7. New to PHP
  8. DW connect DB2
  9. forms in php
  10. Sending form to db in remote server...
  11. Login Script code
  12. Database Connection
  13. php login passover to frameset target
  14. displaying database information.
  15. strip function
  16. Upload script stops working when file size too big.
  17. Reading from a Database
  18. Where to put PHP script?
  19. how to check for GD/GD2
  20. Please Help! HTTP error 0 testing server won't execute php pages
  21. Dreamweaver & Access
  22. Dreamweaver Studio 8 and PHP
  23. Comma Separated checkboxes
  24. Friend System help
  25. Problem validating captcha feature..
  26. Dynamically populate a table
  27. Error at the end of file
  28. HELP simple contact form
  29. Issue's with Login System
  30. screwed up php upload settings
  31. Technical question...
  32. Problem with mail form...
  33. While in Mysql...
  34. redirect after php upload action.
  35. Help with simple form please...
  36. MySQL ORDERBY not ordering
  37. Help with image sending script
  38. start_thread(); Parse error
  39. ZEND php 5 training courses
  40. Dropdown menu to search
  41. PHP MySQL and XML Help!
  42. Help with table in email
  43. Database Organization, Best Practices
  44. auto create new DB table from form data. how to?
  45. Help with PHP MYSQL Hyperlinks and Forms
  46. need advice plz on what to add to my guestbook or shoutbox next
  47. Honeymoon Registry
  48. need advice on learning php please , php is my dream goal
  49. Include a Search facility on my website.
  50. Php error help.
  51. need help coding timetable
  52. I need a registration form with validation and confirmation message
  53. option value selected problem
  54. Need Help with PHP code for using an array checkbox on Form
  55. super newbie project, trying to use array attributes in a function but get error
  56. Deprecated Function split
  57. members profile
  58. Automatically watermarking images/video on upload
  59. saving text to mysql
  60. Problem mimicking ASP's GetRow function in PHP
  61. Stripping Commas
  62. WampServer 2.0i ?
  63. Dynamic upload with forms
  64. How to format an email sent using PHP
  65. Total newbie looking for advice on webform script
  66. php script not uploading to mysql
  67. Stop people booking more places.
  68. avoiding a double submit
  69. Inner Join using 3 tables??
  70. function ShowCart() query not displaying on page!!
  71. function to return file extension characters
  72. How to total return my Shopping Cart total cost.
  73. need help with this simple registration script please
  74. Does dreamweaver have syntax error highlighting?
  75. Simple Form Processing Script + Captcha Issue
  76. passing the mysql_select_db variables
  77. No emails being received when forms submitted
  78. php 5 by htaccess issues on testing server..
  79. PHP and Dates HELP!
  80. Dreamweaver database connection on Linux
  81. PHP form to mail problems (moved)
  82. PHP Image upload and resize.
  83. Help PHP to setup flash player
  84. Multiple Selections on a form
  85. PHP Survey
  86. variable values not working across a break
  87. Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
  88. Extensions for Dreamweaver - Recommendations/Feedback
  89. Looking for a simple survey script
  90. PHP & Tables
  91. Upload form
  92. How do I hide the admin button in a registration page once the administrator has registered?
  93. internet explorer wont let me login to my site
  94. Help with creating Dynamic PayPal Button
  95. how to upload files to mysql database using PHP
  96. help with limiting recordset to the user
  97. php and mixed form types
  98. PHP - MySQL to create html pages
  99. How to count times faq link is viewed?
  100. Need a more efficient way to filter
  101. Linking page title to MySQL table
  102. saving image path to db..
  103. Can a recordset Pull info from another recordset for a Query?
  104. How can I keep a user from entering HTML into a text field
  105. Technical question...
  106. Code doesn't upload information to database
  107. could anyone give me a php script that changes the uploaded file to a number?
  108. no mysql update
  109. breaking Templates to use php
  110. i get the error 'Warning: imagecopy(): 4 is not a valid Image resource in...'
  111. need help w/ part of a dynamically generated title function
  112. need help with code
  113. Display average of database entries?
  114. RSS Feed
  115. RSS feed in php
  116. Add plus one to a recordset value
  117. Dynamically set navigation bar
  118. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING
  119. CMS Help
  120. ARRAY_SUM advice
  121. Best method to return user to last page after logging in.
  122. Forms and email php issue
  123. Blank form2email.php
  124. Dynamic Store Gallery
  125. problem with sessions variable transfers
  126. Some questions re installation XAMPP on Windows 7
  127. WAMP or XAMPP
  128. survey q & a in table output in repeat region how to insert to database?
  129. dynamically creating rows and columns
  130. email form and text message
  131. contradicting if statements??
  132. PHP side of Mailforms
  133. Upload Form Help!!
  134. dropdown list 'selected' problem
  135. includes not working suddenly
  136. Adding values from separted tables(MYSQL)
  137. Using a set of variables through mulitple classes and scripts
  138. insert multiple items in database
  139. Help needed with MU Remote Upload Script
  140. referencing array items if exist on different pages one at a time
  141. Some sort of indicator to show new material posted by other users...
  142. php in html does not work
  143. Create a Sort and Search within MySQL results
  144. How do you display an image file ?
  145. php code for check boxes
  146. Detial Page
  147. Formmail Radio Validation
  148. Dreamweaver auth login
  149. Create SESSSION Timeout/Expire
  150. How to insert php pages into dreamweaver?
  151. voting average and votes cast increment problem
  152. AJAX dropdown not working.
  153. email from: option correct code?
  154. contact parse question
  155. Whose problem is this? Mine or server side?
  156. Can folders be created via script instructions ?
  157. Javascript / PHP. Result only displays until it reaches a space??
  158. open source CMS for DW CS4
  159. looping through DB and displaying captions via JS/PHP
  160. Image path question
  161. mkdir() pathway sequence won't work
  162. Having trouble with PHP
  163. need help with placing SQL code in Pagination script
  164. Session variable equal a Get
  165. strotime + 20 years to field already submitted in form.
  166. Wordpress - External Pages
  167. How to remove file extension with PHP
  168. Link question
  169. prevent post action file send empty email
  170. Please help me!
  171. pagination question..
  172. why does this str_replace not work?
  173. Can you move previously uploaded files with a click ?
  174. Advisability of using DW for phpBB Board
  175. reset a forgot password via email
  176. DW CS4 PHP Recordset issue...
  177. help with email form code and php
  178. can't update when id is varchar
  179. pop up window
  180. PHP Post form used to work - isnt anymore.
  181. PHP Debug (CS4)
  182. Image Upload
  183. Editing SQL via logged in control panel
  184. What does the other person need ?
  185. Help with PHP MYSQL Logic
  186. PHP to Excel from MySQL database
  187. PHP Email form error ???
  188. Empty replies/contacts sent from validated form
  189. Display Sender??
  190. PHP template system
  191. PHP-MySQL Connection issue.
  192. same div based content across multiple pages
  193. Getting form to send image
  194. odd experience with num_rows
  195. MySQL + PHP. Please Help!
  196. PHP form error
  197. form contents to Word doc
  198. Hi had to install wamp again now errors with scripts
  199. Golf Booking System Help
  200. PHP reference on your iPhone or iPod Touch
  201. does anybody use this action="."
  202. php script for a project ?
  203. set image to certain width and height
  204. installing php?
  205. how to login as a user with php?
  206. Test server xammp vs IIS7
  207. pls some help with a form
  208. Creating tag cloud from scratch for blog
  209. Database connection
  210. How do I create a recordset from a cloned repeating region (for search)
  211. DWCS4 - Problem with update record behaviour and file field
  212. phpmailer to database only sends one
  213. Setting expiration of sessions
  214. Why is an apostrophe on a selection list is messing things up ?
  215. Problem with PHP forms
  216. Php form return problem
  217. Did anyone worked with PEAR
  218. FormMail PHP won't work
  219. Please help with PHP dilemma
  220. Export form SQL to XML
  221. Is there any way to create a link to result set from table field not primary key?
  222. Can somebody please tell me why my menu only shows one sometimes
  223. php includes & .htaccess
  224. Page linking?
  225. PHP code for auto increment
  226. Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter ...
  227. duplicate entries in database
  228. private login area
  229. Upload image & MYSQL
  230. Positive Rating System
  231. PHP Timer
  232. adding 'hash' tag with div name to PHP $link
  233. Contact form does not work ??
  234. User Name preg_match not working.
  235. MySQL/PHP/JQUERY - Advice?
  236. trying to use shadowbox with PHP
  237. Folders and categories
  238. Missing Template File?
  239. Problem with the back button !
  240. How do i write this SQL statement??
  241. Login to site
  242. PHP WHOIS Domain Name Search
  243. Help hiding data from drop downs
  244. Deleting a record and updating another table
  245. Search using 'and' 'or' submit buttons
  246. Problem with email containing form results
  247. email php script check boxes
  248. Rotating a list in an array
  249. 'cropping' database information
  250. PHP Postcode Address finder